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 Former Runnin' Rebel Kevin Kruger participated in a live chat on on Friday, Sept. 12.
Former UNLV Runnin' Rebel guard Kevin Kruger participated in a Live Chat session on Friday, Sept. 12 on Kruger helped lead UNLV to 30 wins and a Sweet 16 appearance during the 2006-07 season. He was also named MVP of the Mountain West Conference Tournament that season as the Runnin' Rebels captured the title.

Kruger will leave to head to the Milwaukee Bucks' veteran's camp on Sunday, Sept. 14. Last year he played for Utah in the NBA Developmental League. He spent much of this past summer playing against current UNLV Runnin' Rebels.

Fans asked Kruger questions about helping to revitalize the program, growing up the son of a nationally-respected basketball coach (his father, Lon, is the head coach of the Runnin' Rebels), his future and his thoughts about the current team.

Full transcript below:

UNLV Moderator: Good Friday morning, Rebel fans. Kevin is ready to go. Once again, the popularity of the chats has been amazing. Kev won't be able to get to every question, but he will answer as many as he can. Keep them coming.

Eric (Reno, NV): I just wanted to thank you for all the work you did for UNLV Basketball. Your leadership on the court is what every Point Guard should have. How did it feel to be a part of UNLV's first stage of revival?
Kevin Kruger: It was great to be a part of the beginning stages of the Rebelution. (I just made the marketing guy happy.) But seriously, that year is one I will never forget. It's good to see that the Rebel influence is starting to take over in Reno. Great to hear from you up there, Eric.

Trevor (Bakersfield): What is your favorite moment or highlight while you were at UNLV?
Kevin Kruger: The best moment of my year here was either the win over BYU in the conference tournament or the win over Wisconsin in the NCAA Tournament. Although the Wisconsin win had more meaning, the BYU win was more personal. It represented us accomplishing a season long goal of making it to the NCAA Tournament. Being able to celebrate with the fans on the court added to the level of satisfaction.

Jeff (Provo): Hey Kevin, I was wondering what your thoughts are on the common comparisons made between you and Kendall Wallace? Also, who are you rooting for in Saturday's football game? Thanks.
Kevin Kruger: Nice to see a Rebel fan in Provo... I think there are a lot of similarities between Kendall and myself. However, Kendall had a much better freshman season than I had and he had a much bigger impact on his team than I did as a freshman. While I see myself as more of a distributor, Kendall is a better overall scorer. Kendall will have a great career at UNLV. He has a chance to win a lot of games in this program... As far as the football game. Hoping for a tie. (That is very politically correct, isn't it?) I have friends on both teams and I hope both teams play well. Will be fun to watch.

Sean (Las Vegas): Iím sure many of us want to know this. Do you have a knack for coaching and is that a goal of yours in the distant know follow in your father's footsteps? I say distant future because I'm sure you're more concentrated on your career as a basketball player at the moment. Thanks and good luck!
Kevin Kruger: We've received a ton of emails with this question and I've been asked that question since I was 10 years old. If that opportunity presents itself, I will think about it at that time. But right now, I need to focus on what I need to focus on - playing. I know that answer sounds safe, but it is the truth. I haven't thought about it that much at all, not nearly to the point of what I am sure other people think that I have. Would I like to be a part of what is happening here at UNLV? Absolutely. Would I like to work with my dad? Absolutely. But that is a topic for another day. At the moment I haven't taken any of the steps necessary to pursue that career. It is not a short-term goal of mine.

Chris - Las Vegas: Kevin, What is your prediction for the Rebels this season?
Kevin Kruger: I've had some opportunities to spend time with the team this summer and fall playing against them. This will undoubtedly be the deepest team my dad has had at UNLV and, most likely, in his career. However, that doesn't exactly translate to wins on the court. The last two years will be incredibly hard to follow in terms of wins and losses. This is a tough non-conference schedule. This team may actually be better than last year, but win less games. However, come March, I still expect them to turn some heads for the third year in a row. They have the pieces to be special. However, they need to keep competing, preparing the same way. This will be fun.

Mike (Las Vegas): Kevin, other then playing for your father, what were the differences in playing for UNLV and ASU during your college time?
Kevin Kruger: Thanks for the question, Mike. One of the differences that sticks out to me is how tough of a non-conference schedule we played at UNLV my senior year. And that continues this year. We played at Arizona, at Hawaii, at Reno, at Texas Tech. This year, we are back at Reno, at UTEP, at Fresno State and at Louisville. You don't see that type of non-conference schedules from nearly all programs playing in the biggest conferences. It's made us a better program and it lets us know where we stand come conference time and lets us know what work has to be done.

Ty (Reno): Does your stunning girlfriend have any sisters?
Kevin Kruger: Ty, thanks for your support of the Runnin' Rebels. (Ha) But sorry, Shaina has no sisters.

Greg (Greeley, CO): Did you ever imagine the season your team had in 06-07 would have such a lasting impact on the Las Vegas community and Rebel fans around the country getting into UNLV basketball again?
Kevin Kruger: We couldn't have dreamed for a better scenario two years later. The guys have continued winning and the community's support is growing. This is exactly what we had in mind when the season started. We wanted to change the culture, not only around UNLV, but around Las Vegas.

Daniel VA: Which do consider yourself more of, a "Runnin Rebel" or a "SunDevil"? Truthful answer here please!
Kevin Kruger: This is a tough question, Daniel. However, a lot of people have asked this today. It's not as simple as picking between two places I played. While I spent four years in Tempe, my family is here. This is my dad's program and I have always been a part of his programs my entire life. I have many friends and many memories from ASU and I will always root for them. But who do I identify with most now? The Runnin' Rebels. It was a magical year on the court for one season, but I have been involved with the program ever since my dad took the job. That is the way it works as being part of a basketball family. This is where I bought my first house, this is where I call home. We plan on being here. I plan on watching the UNLV program continue to rise. I am proud to be a Runnin' Rebel. And I say that with no disrespect to ASU, but that is the truthful answer you asked for.
UNLV Moderator: We have time for a few more questions, fans. Kevin is sorry he can't get to all of the questions. He's having fun and appreciates the support.

Mitchell(Newark, NJ): Hi, Kevin Im DeShawn's dad congrats on the Bucks try out.What adviced would you give a freshman like DeShawn on UNLV Basketball.
Kevin Kruger: Nice to hear from you across the country. I've really enjoyed watching DeShawn play. I've been most impressed with his ability to listen and make small adjustments that will provide great dividends. I think DeShawn will be a very special player here. As for any freshman, I think the most important thing is to be patient and not rush or try to press anything. DeShawn, as well as all the other freshmen, are going to play for a great team with a lot of depth. So there might be frustrating times for them. But as long as they understand that winning is the top priority and buy into the system, they will be happy when they leave UNLV. This freshmen class has a chance to be extremely special.

Hector and Randi: Hi Kevin We do not have a question but instead would like to tell you how much we appreciate what you did to kick start this program in the right direction. You were such a big part of that team that made it to the sweet sixteen. Your outstanding guard play, along with your oustanding leadership really made this a season to remember. You will always be remembered as one of the great rebel players at UNLV. We wish you the very best in your basketball future and the very best in what life has to offer. God Bless Hector and Randi two of your biggest fans.
Kevin Kruger: Wow, Hector and Randi. Thanks for the post. It means a lot. I cannot tell you how much your support has meant from day one. Not just for me being here, but my father. The support of Las Vegas these past two seasons is amazing. My dad is a good man and it's good to see the community embrace him and the program.

las vegas: hey kevin, why are you going to camp with the bucks. they are stacked at point guard already, is it still a chance to show off your talent at an NBA level?
Kevin Kruger: Leave on Sunday for camp with the Bucks. It's not just that I am trying out for the Bucks. It's a good exposure opportunity for me to be trying out for the entire league. That is how it works. Teams might see me and call the Bucks to see what kind of a player I am. Excited for the opportunity. If it does not pan out in the NBA this season, I will definitely be listening to offers overseas and, more than likely, take my career to Europe.
Kevin Kruger: Hey fans, this was fun. Sorry I couldn't get to all of the questions. Thanks for your support. And remember, THE REBELUTION HAS BEGUN.

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