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 UNLV QB Omar Clayton chatted live on Sept. 18 at
UNLV sophomore quarterback Omar Clayton held a live chat with Rebel fans on Sept. 18 at

At the time of the chat, Clayton and the Rebels are 2-1 following their overtime win over No. 15/13 Arizona State, 23-20, last Saturday night at Sun Devil Stadium. Clayton threw two touchdown passes in that game, including an eight-yard scoring strike to Phillip Payne with 18 seconds left that tied the game and forced overtime.

The full transcript from the chat is below.

UNLV Moderator: We already have a lot of questions for Omar so we are going to start early today.

eric simple bloomington ill: first of all Im very proud of you young man, keep up the good work. I would like to know how much time you spend study film for the next game, and what do you look at first the dline play or their db play?
Omar Clayton: Hey, Eric, good to hear from you. As far as scouting the defense, we usually start with the line and then go to the linebackers and then the DBs. We have meetings before practice every day but I also spend time between classes at the Lied watching film as well as take-home DVDs that all of the players get to watch at home.

Frank (Las Vegas): Great game. How is your jaw doing?
Omar Clayton: The jaw is good. The doctor cleared me to play this week again. Barring any more injury to it, it should not be a factor in my play at all.

BleedRebelRed (Las Vegas): Hey Playmaker, thanks for the exciting game last week. I love not seeing any turnovers not only in that game, but for the season. Not to bring up the past, but it is a drastic change from last year, especially considering your first game last year. My question is what changed for you? What are you doing to keep up the "0" in the interception and fumbles column?
Omar Clayton: The biggest change from this year from last is how comfortable I am with the offense. Sometimes last year I would question my decision making while playing because I was new to the system. Through spring and summer workouts, I have become more comfortable with the offense, which has allowed me to manage the game better.

The Duke, LV: Omar what do you think of your offensive line this year and how well do you believe they are performing. Are there any areas that you think they need to improve or what would you like them to do better so far this year.
Omar Clayton: I think our o-line has done a great job so far this season. A few of them are still gaining experience because they didn't play last year. We have only given up two sacks, which is a great testament to their hard work. I only expect them to get better as the season progresses.

Anthony (Tempe): Omar- As a Rebel from Tempe, thank you! I've been hearing from all of my ASU Alum friends how we'd be lucky if we lost by less than 50 since the schedule came out. What was the difference this week as opposed to last week against Utah and how difficult was it playing in Sun Devil Stadium? Keep doing what your doing and GO REBELS!!!
Omar Clayton: The difference was our second half play. Against Utah we failed to come out and execute, which allowed them to get some quick scores. As far as Sun Devil Stadium, it was a great environment to play in but the coaches had us prepared so that the crowd noise was not a factor.

Matt (Las Vegas): Omar, what is it having a weapon like Phillip Payne in the Red Zone?
Omar Clayton: Anytime we are a in a do or die situation in the Red Zone, Phillip Payne seems to make our playcalling a lot easier. Since he is so reliable playing the jump ball, he's a great help to the team in getting us into the end zone.

Anthony Marshall (Bloomington,IL): Are you ever going to give me a call so we can get together and play madden 09 on the PS3 or are you too scared???
Omar Clayton: I'm coming home over winter break. So meet me at Steven's and I'll take care of business!

Vernon (Las Vegas): Hi Omar, I know you are a year older and smarter, but how do you stay so calm during each play? You never appear to be stressed. Good luck this weekend -- BEAT the cyclones.
Omar Clayton: Every game day starts out the same. It's usually calm from the time I wake up until game time. I always feel comfortable with the plays that I'm running, which comes from the repetition of practice and watching film. So this gives me supreme confidence when ever I'm running a play, which allows me to remain calm even at crucial points of the game.

BleedRebelRed (Las Vegas): What was going through your mind when the ball was in the air on Payne's game-tying catch?
Omar Clayton: When I threw the ball, I saw that Phillip had position had position on the cornerback. I initially thought that it would be an easy catch. But after seeing him reel in the ball with one hand so easily, I couldn't do anything but think "Wow, that was a great catch!"

Sayanna & Payton (Las Vegas): hi omar, for the ladies out there, do you have a girlfriend?
Omar Clayton: No I don't, I'm single.

BleedRebelRed (Las Vegas): What was the hardest thing about not being on scholarship last year, and did not being on scholarship have any influence on your play this and last year?
Omar Clayton: The hardest thing was that my father had to pay my tuition. That was my main motivation in earning a scholarship to help my dad out.

Connor (Las Vegas): Have you ever thrown up before the game, like the great Bill Russell used to do? I threw up a lot today in anticipation of this chat.
Omar Clayton: No. I'm never that nervous before a game.

Rebinreno (Reno): Great game @ ASU! How do you feel about the ISU game? What do you feel your challenges will be with ISU? Get the cannon back this year.
Omar Clayton: The main focus of this game is not allowing their defense to create turnovers, which their team feeds on.

Mat E (Grant Hall, UNLV): You going to bring the Fremont Canon back home? What' are your feelings on the UNLV/UNR rivalry?
Omar Clayton: It's definitely a big priority to win back the Cannon but we refuse to think past our opponent this week and the Cyclones have our complete attention right now.

Matt (Las Vegas): Omar, what are the strengths of each of these guys, Ryan Wolfe, Casey Flair and Phillip Payne?
Omar Clayton: Ryan Wolfe is arguably our best offensive player. He brings everything and more to his position. He always knows his assignment, he plays hard to the whistle, and he does the little great things that most people won't even notice. That's what makes him a special player. Casey has the surest hands of all the receivers, in my opinion. Whenever I'm scrambling, looking for an open receiver, he always seems to pop open and make a big catch. Phillip is a great addition to the receiving corps. Although he is still learning the offense, he's very effective in the Red Zone.

Matt (Las Vegas): Omar, it doesnt appear that there are as many designed runs for you this season. Is this because the coaches have more trust in your ability to throw the ball or just the way the play calling has gone for the first three games?
Omar Clayton: That's just the way the play calling has gone so far this season.

Mat E (Grant Hall, UNLV): Going back home for winter break? I'd love for you to go back home and see family, but I'm hoping that you will go bowling for Christmas.
Omar Clayton: Of course we expect to be bowling for Christmas but UNLV's winter break is long enough to allow me to go home after the bowl trip!

John V-Sparks, Nevada: Do you fell that you have something to prove to D-1 Football coaches accross the Country. It has been said you were not highly recruited at the QB position. My son is in a similar situation, what would you say to someone going through that now etc. ?? Thanks ! John V
Omar Clayton: I don't feel the need to prove myself to anybody who doesn't believe in my abilities to play. However, I do enjoy my successes even more since I was not heavily recruited. I would tell your son to work harder than everybody else and only positive things came come from that. Don't let other people make up his mind in what he can or can't do and always believe in himself.

Mat E (Grant Hall, UNLV): How has he challenge of getting UNLVs FB program changed you as a player or person? I know it's a lot to ask, but your leadership on the field is getting the city excited about FB again. How have you prepared for this huge task?
Omar Clayton: We definitely love the support from our fans here in Vegas. We hope that as we strive for continued success, that more and more people will find the Rebel Pride within them and come out and support us at the games.
UNLV Moderator: We are close to wrapping up so get any last questions in, Rebel fans.

Mat E (Grant Hall, UNLV): How did it feel watching yourself on SportsCenter? I know you only gave yourself a B- for the game (I disagree! You were way better) but watching those highlights must have given you some satisfaction. I know your family must have been excited.
Omar Clayton: Making the top 10 plays on ESPN is one of the biggest highlights of my football career. It's an amazing feeling to see yourself on a show that you have watched since you were young and know that millions of other sports fans watch. My family and friends watched the game on TV and then saw me on SportsCenter, which made it even better.
UNLV Moderator: OK, we're going to let Omar get back to business now. Thanks to everyone for checking in and look for another player chat soon at
Omar Clayton: Thanks to everybody who submitted a question. It's a pleasure to answer any questions about me or our team. My teammates and I hope for your continued support as we continue on this journey of success this season. Go Rebels!!!

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