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UNLV Athletics Marching Toward Goal

Feb. 15, 2000

LAS VEGAS - The UNLV Athletics Department is making outstanding progress in the area of gender equity compliance according to the 1998-99 Gender Equity Monitoring Report, "The Second Year," which was prepared by Lamar Daniel, Inc., Consultants for Gender Equity and Sports Management.

The report examines all areas of UNLV Athletics and the actions taken by the university in 1998-99 to comply with Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972. The report is an adjunct to the UNLV Gender Equity Compliance Plan 1997-2002, which describes the actions to be taken to comply with Title IX by UNLV Athletics over a five-year period.

The main issue of gender equity compliance that UNLV faces is participation (the number of female athletes to male athletes). UNLV has made incredible strides the last few years with that issue with the goal to be 50-50 by 2002.

The participation of women student-athletes at UNLV has made a steady climb since the 1995-96 school year. In 1995-96, 33 percent of UNLV's student-athletes were women. That number was increased to 37 percent in 1996-97, to 42 percent in 1997-98, and to 47.8 percent in 1998-99.

Also highlighted in the report are various other areas in which the athletic department has met the requirements of Title IX compliance and are as follows along with each category:

Athletic Financial Assistance (Scholarships)
*	Women's soccer received six athletic scholarships.
*	UNLV is in full compliance with Title IX in the award of athletic financial

Equal Opportunity and the Equivalence Standard
*	The travel budgets for several women's teams were again increased.
*	A nondiscriminatory travel policy was developed and distributed to all teams in
        1997-98.  Adherence to this policy resulted in full compliance in the area of travel
        and per diem.
*	Previous part-time assistants were upgraded to full-time for women's soccer, softball,
        volleyball and cross country/track.
*	The opportunity to receive coaching and the assignment and compensation of coaches now
        fully complies with Title IX.
*	UNLV was in full compliance with respect to the provision of medical and training
        facilities and services.
*	Additional promotions and promotional publications were again provided to several
        women's teams.
*	UNLV is now in compliance with the publicity component of Title IX.
*	Increases were made in recruitment funding to several women's teams.
*	UNLV has achieved full compliance in the area of support services.

UNLV Athletics Director Charles Cavagnaro, who has led UNLV through its second year of monitoring, said he was pleased to see the progress in participation numbers.

"The Gender Equity Committee that was appointed by President Dr. Carol Harter has done a great job with its plan to increase female athletic participation here at UNLV," Cavagnaro said. "It is pleasing to see that as we follow the plan we are gaining on our goal to balance out the participation numbers. Our goal five years ago was to get 50 percent male and 50 percent female athletes in our department and that seems very reasonable now."

According to the monitoring report, UNLV Athletics was comprised of 47.8 percent female student-athletes during the 1998-99 season compared with 33 percent just three years earlier, as reported in the initial Gender Equity Monitoring Report.

President Harter agreed with Cavagnaro. "The increase in participation opportunities for our young women has been dramatic," Harter said. "And it is important to us as a university, because we have an obligation and commitment to do better and we are well on our way."

Cavagnaro also acknowledged that without the $550,000 designated to gender equity for UNLV Athletics ($300,000 from the state and $250,000 from estate tax), none of this would be possible. "We are very appreciative of the financial help we are receiving and the best part of it all is that we have been able to do it without eliminating any of our male teams or denying our male athletes any opportunities."

UNLV's Associate Athletic Director and Senior Woman Administrator Lisa Kelleher is responsible for overseeing most of the women's programs and said she was impressed with the way things were progressing.

"This has been a total commitment by both our men's and women's programs," Kelleher said. "Women have added new members to their teams and the men have been compliant with controlling the number of students on their squads, and it hasn't been detrimental to any of the programs. We are committed to gender equity on this campus and it starts at the top with President Carol Harter and Athletics Director Charles Cavagnaro."

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