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Gambling Issues

October 17, 2003


NCAA rules and University of Nevada System policies mandate that intercollegiate athletics be conducted without even the appearance of the influence of gambling. In the past, it has come to the attention of the university that a person who was twice convicted of certain crimes in connection with gambling on sporting events has attended UNLV men's basketball games, and that he has had contact with certain student-athletes.

For that reason, the policy of the Intercollegiate Athletics Department of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is as follow:

1. Any knowing association or contact with any person convicted of a sports gambling related crime is prohibited. A student-athlete must immediately report knowledge to the Associate Athletic Director for Compliance at 895-1314. Any violation of this policy shall result in the following action:

(a) The first violation of this policy shall result in a written warning to, and a one contest suspension of, the student-athlete.

(b) A second violation of this policy shall result in the permanent dismissal of the student-athlete from the team in the sport in which the student-athlete participates and the permanent cancellation of financial aid for the student-athlete at the conclusion of the academic year during which the dismissal takes place.

Consistent with the policy established by the Board of Regents in Title 4, Chapter 20, of the Board of Regents Handbook prohibiting improper contacts between student-athletes and individuals involved in gambling activities, it shall be the responsibility of student-athletes to determine the character, reputation and facts about persons with whom they associate or with whom they are in contact.

2. Prior to any such action being taken, the student-athlete will be informed by the Director of Athletics of the proposed action to be taken and the reasons for it. No sooner than three days and no later than seven days afterward, the student-athlete shall be given an opportunity to meet with the Director of Athletics and the coach of the student-athlete's sport to discuss and answer the allegations made. This meeting shall be informal and participation in the meeting shall be limited to the persons identified above. The Director of Athletics, whose decision in this matter shall be final, shall make a decision on what action, if any, to take as soon as possible after the meeting.

3. Because improper contact between student-athletes and individuals involved in gambling activities is prohibited by the Board of Regents Handbook (Title 4, Chapter 20), such contact may constitute a violation of Subsection 6.2.2(s) of the University of Nevada System Code. Therefore, in addition to the action which shall be taken for a violation of this policy by a student-athlete as described above, the student-athlete may also be subject to the disciplinary procedures and sanctions authorized by Chapter Six of the University of Nevada System Code, which can result in discipline ranging from a warning to expulsion from the University.

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