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October 17, 2003

In order to protect our student-athletes from the loss of eligibility due to agent activities, the following policy should be followed when dealing with persons who seek to represent or be involved with student-athletes as an "agent" in individual contract negotiations with professional sport teams.

1) Any person or entity wishing to represent a UNLV student-athlete in the marketing of their athletics ability or reputation, to provide other services in any way related to such marketing (e.g., legal or accounting services), or to refer student-athletes to prospective agents, shall contact the appropriate head coach and the UNLV, NCAA Compliance Office.

2) Mail received for student-athletes with eligibility remaining from persons or entities acting in the capacities of an agent, regardless of whether their intent is to function as agents per se, may be held until the student-athlete's eligibility has expired. Our institution leaves it to the discretion of the head coach to provide written correspondence to the student-athlete prior to his/her eligibility has been exhausted or hold all mail until his/her eligibility has been completed.

3) Student-athletes (their parents or legal guardians) should have no in person, electronic mail correspondence or telephonic communication with "agents" or their intermediaries prior to the completion of the student-athlete's senior competitive season. Should agents wish to contact a student-athlete, the compliance office must be notified first. The student-athletes is required to report an attempted contact to their coaches (who will in turn notify the appropriate administrator).

4) Known sports "agents" may not travel or be included as guest in any activities in which student-athletes are present. However, it is permissible for "agents" to purchase tickets from outside agencies for commercial flights upon which teams are traveling, and may purchase tickets to athletic events and/or banquets in the same manner as any other member of the general public.

5) An individual who is known to be a sports "agent" may not be allowed to watch a practice which is not open to the public. Nor will known "agents" be allowed admission to team locker rooms when student-athletes are present.

6) The University and/or athletic department staff members will not issue complimentary tickets, media credentials, sideline passes or bench passes to a known sports "agent".

7) Our institution at its discretion may authorize, subject to revocation, a person who has completed the applicable registration materials, to make contact (in the presence of an institutional staff member) with a student-athlete in the event that such action is deemed to be in the best interest of the student-athlete.


It is the policy of UNLV to discourage any contacts between persons seeking to represent a student-athlete of UNLV in individual contract negotiations with a professional sports team and shall hold UNLV harmless from, any damages or claims arising from his or her activities as an agent for UNLV student-athletes. The following shall be considered activities or conduct of agents:

A. Negotiating compensation and other benefits for UNLV student-athletes in individual contract negotiations with professional sports teams,

B. The giving of advice, counsel and information to individual UNLV student-athletes or family members in the context of negotiating with or preparing for negotiations with professional sports teams,

C. Making representations as to a person's competence, skill or ability to negotiate on behalf of, to determine the potential professional worth of or to otherwise represent an athlete in the context of soliciting individual UNLV student-athletes to become clients, or

D. Any other activity or conduct which directly bears upon the agent's integrity, competence, or ability to properly represent individual UNLV student-athletes in individual contract negotiations.


An agent shall be required to:

1) Disclose, upon request, all information relevant to his or her qualifications as an agent, including educational background, special training, experience negotiations, past representation of professional athletes and coaches, relevant business associations or memberships in professional organizations [e.g., complete the Compliance Department's Agent Registration Packet],

2) Maintain the highest degree of integrity and competence in individual negotiations with professional sports teams,

3) Become and remain sufficiently educated in the areas of professional sports structure and economics, applicable collective bargaining agreements and other governing documents, and basic negotiating techniques and in developments in sports law and related subjects,

4) Fully disclose any and all relationships, including, but not limited to, financial or employment relationships, with professional sports teams,

5) Fully comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws,

6) Fully comply with applicable NCAA and Conference rules.

An agent approved should not:

1) Attempt to contact, in person or by telephone, any UNLV student-athlete whose eligibility has not expired. Furthermore, this prohibition shall apply to members of the student-athletes' family. Should agents wish to contact a student-athlete, the compliance office must be notified first.

2) Provide or offer to provide anything of value to any other person in return for a personal recommendation of the agent's selection by a UNLV student-athlete,

3) Provide or offer to provide anything of value to a UNLV student-athlete, his or her parent's or legal guardians including a meal,

4) Fail to disclose in writing to a student-athlete, prior to accepting representation of such student-athlete, the names and current positions of any management personnel whom he or she has represented or is representing in matters pertaining to their employment by or association with any professional team in a sport which he or she is seeking to represent a UNLV student-athlete,

5) Engage in unlawful conduct and/or conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, or other conduct, which reflects adversely on his or her fitness as an agent or jeopardizes the effective representation of UNLV student-athletes.

6) Provide false or misleading information, including, but not limited to, information regarding continuing eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics (under NCAA or Western Athletic Conference rules), to any person in the context of solicitation for selection as the agent for any UNLV student-athlete.


In the event that our efforts to prevent infractions are unsuccessful, the following actions will be taken:

1) Once it is determined that a student-athlete has in fact signed a contract (or given a verbal commitment) to be represented by an "agent", the student-athlete's team membership will be terminated (following an opportunity for appeal to the appropriate university personnel). All grant-in-aid, tuition waivers, and other benefits will be ended at the first allowable time in accordance with normal financial regulations.

2) Once it is determined that a student-athlete (parent, legal guardian, or friend) has accepted inducements from an "agent" the student-athlete will be declared ineligible. Restoration may be requested (where appropriate) from the NCAA Eligibility Department.

3) Appropriate Self-Reports will be forwarded to the NCAA and the Conference offices.

4) The appropriate player association (e.g. NFLPA, NBPA) will be informed of the "agent" allegedly involved in the violation and the extent of the "agent's" alleged involvement in the violation.

5) Our institution will inform all UNLV student-athletes, during annual rules education sessions, of all agents found in violation of this policy and will strongly discourage any contact concerning matters of agent representation.

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