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Suspensions Announced

Aug. 28, 2003

LAS VEGAS - The UNLV Athletics Department has determined that as a result of the unauthorized use of a telephone personal identification number code, a total of 15 student-athletes and one (1) member of the dance team that participate in fall sports will serve contest suspensions and be required to make full restitution in accordance with both NCAA and UNLV rules.

Combined, the group incurred a total cost of $2,499.51 in phone charges.

According to NCAA rules, if an extra benefit exceeds $100.00, each student-athlete will be required to make full restitution for all incurred charges and will be withheld from a percentage of competitions depending on the value of the extra benefit. Three (3) UNLV football student-athletes and one (1) men's soccer student-athlete fall under this category. Of those four, one student-athlete will sit out 30 percent and one will sit out 40 percent of their respective seasons. The remaining two will miss one contest each per the NCAA student-athlete reinstatement directives.

However, in addition to the NCAA rules, UNLV's policy is more restrictive in that any unauthorized use of credit cards and/or telephones by any student-athlete for charges less than $100.00 will result in a one-game suspension along with repayment for all incurred charges.

Therefore, eight (8) additional football student-athletes, two (2) women's soccer student-athletes, one (1) additional men's soccer student-athlete and one (1) member of the dance team will be withheld from at least one contest along with making full restitution in accordance with UNLV rules.

NCAA rules state that for violations of extra benefits in which the value of the benefit is less than $100.00, the eligibility of the student-athlete shall not be affected conditioned upon the student-athlete repaying the value of the benefit. The student-athlete, however, is to remain ineligible from the time the institution is made aware of the extra benefit, until the institution determines the exact nature or amount of the benefit and until the student-athlete makes full restitution.

During the spring of 2003, two (2) softball student-athletes and one (1) baseball student-athlete were withheld from competitions until culpability and restitution were determined. Any additional suspensions stemming from involvement of UNLV student-athletes who participate in winter and spring sports will be announced when the matter is fully resolved.

The names of the involved student-athletes are protected under both FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and the Buckley Amendment and therefore can not be released.

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