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Mendenhall Center Announcement Quotes

UNLV Athletics Director Jim Livengood
"Lon has done such an incredible job but what do we need, what is the next step, what is the next part of this? Lon was very articulate, very accurate as he always is, and he said what we really need is a practice facility."

"The group of people in our community, many of whom are sitting right here, were so generous in the terms of coming forward and saying to coach Kruger, 'let us help.' This group of people said let us design it, let us build it and let us donate it. I think that very succinctly says exactly what this is all about."

"To the members of the Mendenhall family, the Paulos family, the Wortman family, the Gallagher family and to the Anstett family, words will never be enough. Forever and simply, we can never say enough in terms of how we feel."

"Because of the generosity of these wonderful families, we are going to be able to compete against the very best. I would say of the top 25 programs in the country right now, I don't think there is a single program that does not have a practice facility."

UNLV President Neal Smatresk
"I don't know if you all feel it this year, I sure feel it, there is a feel in the air. There is a sense of community that reminds those of you who have been around for a while, there are folks who have been here when things got great for the Runnin' Rebels and brought this city together like never before. Here we are in tough times, very challenging times, yet what sustains us during these tough times is the community is once again rallying around UNLV and rallying around the Runnin' Rebels." "We'll be handed the keys to a shiny, sparkling building, compliments of the foundation that these folks have put together. This will be something that does not cost the university money but yet delivers to the university the promise of bringing the Runnin' Rebels to the next level. And I have to say, that is exciting because this year the level is pretty darn good."

UNLV Men's Basketball Head Coach Lon Kruger
"We are very, very excited about this day. This is a fantastic day in the University's history, the basketball program, the athletic department, and this is a fantastic step to getting where we all want to go."

"Barb and I have been here six years and we recently had the opportunity to say that we have never been part of any community that is more giving and more considerate of helping others and doing things for others than Las Vegas."

"The greatest part of any endeavor is the partnership and the feeling of doing it together and doing it for one another. And we never really took a step backward. Maury's leadership just kept pushing it forward, and he kept bringing people to the table and the result of that is we have a very, very special building."

"This is special for a lot of reasons. Number one, no program in the country - when a recruit takes a visit to different campuses - no program in the country can show them more during their 48 hours on campus than what we will be able to show. We have a core now of 15-16,000 people at ball games, so game night is fantastic. We have a practice facility now that will be the home to the players 24 hours, seven days a week, and no one can have better than that."

"It will pay dividends in a lot of ways. Other sports in our department will benefit. The weight room will be shared by women's basketball, volleyball, cheer and dance teams. The Lied Athletic Complex has done a great job, but we needed more space, and now we have it."

Tony Mendenhall, Las Vegas Paving
"One of the things that we have always done in our business and our business organization, is we have found that to be successful you have to surround yourself with the best quality people. When you have those quality people you provide them with the best quality equipment and technology available on the market."

"This new facility is another tool that can be utilized to recruit quality student-athletes into your program and create academics and great athletics. Coach, on behalf of Bob Mendenhall and the family, we will remain dedicated supporters of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas."

Bob Mendenhall, Las Vegas Paving
"We started this program about two years ago and the foundation has had many, many meetings to this point. Most of us understand the economic problems facing UNLV. This project is funded entirely by private funds."

James Leavitt, Chairman Of The Board Of Regents
"How fantastic is this. We are so thrilled on behalf of the board of regents, to have this type of community support. This is so impressive with declining state revenues and with an economy that has challenged us."


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