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UNLV General Releases

Feb. 19, 1998

NCAA Campus Forum Held on Feb. 19 at Barrick Museum Auditorium

LAS VEGAS -- UNLV held its campus forum on the NCAA Certification Process on

Thursday, Feb. 19, at the Barrick Museum Auditorium on the UNLV Campus.

UNLV President Dr. Carol C. Harter, Athletic Director Charles Cavagnaro and Chairperson of the overview for NCAA Certification Dr. Myrlene LaManacusa were all on hand for the forum. A total of 28 people attended.

UNLV has a year-long, campus-wide effort to study its athletics program as part of the NCAA Division I athletics certification program. The forum was an opportunity for the campus community to attend and participate in the certification process.

Four subcommittees, which were established to complete the certification process, were present to give an overview of the status of each component of self-study.

The first speaker was Dr. Rebecca Mills, chair of the Commitment to Equity. She discussed the gender, minority and student-athlete welfare issues involved with this subcommittee.

The second speaker was Tom Hartley, involved with the Governance and Commitment to Rules Compliance. He spoke of the components which are: Institutional Mission, Institutional Control, Presidential Authority, Governing Board, Shared Responsibility, Assignment of Rules, Compliance Responsibilities, Rules-Compliance Accountability; Rules-Compliance Evaluation.

The next speaker was Joe Weisner, involved with Academic Integrity. He discussed the student athletes Integrated in student body, Admissions and Graduation rates, Academic Authority, Academic support and scheduling of athletic events and practices.

The final speaker was Lou DuBois, chair of Fiscal Integrity. He discussed the aspects of Financial Controls and Established Policies and Procedures.

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