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UNLV Sports Medicine

The UNLV athletic department provides secondary medical insurance coverage for all student-athletes during the playing season provided the injury and/or illness is athletically related. The following information is designed to help explain our insurance policy, referral procedures and any other questions that you may have concerning our athletic injury coverage.


  • All non-scholarship student-athletes are required to have primary insurance that covers athletically-related injuries.
  • All student-athletes must have a clear photo-copy of the front and back of their insurance card and must be done yearly
  • Please note that the insurance that can be purchased through the UNLV Student Health Center doesn not provide coverage for injuries or illnesses sustained during intercollegiate athletics and may not be considered as primary insurance.
  • Annual Insurance Information and Acknowledgment of insurance must be filled out and signed by the parents/guardian of the student-athlete and the student-athlete

Insurance coverage carried by UNLV Athletic Department:
The Athletic Department as mention above provides secondary medical insurance coverage for all student-athletes. The policy provides for a secondary coverage on injuries and/or illnesses that are direct results from intercollegiate practice or competition.

This policy will be applied only to medical expenses for services rendered by a participant in our network and to those providers deemed necessary. You must first make a claim under your primary insurance. For those student-athletes that don't have primary coverage, the coverage provided by UNLV will become primary during the academic year. The Sports Medicine Staff must approve all referrals to specialists. Failure to gain advance approval will result in no-payment of incurred charges. The athletic department will not provide expenses for any injury or illness which is incurred outside the academic calendar; summer weight training and conditioning programs, pick-up games, or any other program which is not a regularly scheduled practice or competition. Medical expenses for injury and/or illness not a result of athletic related activities that occur are not covered nor are they the responsibility of UNLV. Surgical expenses for a student-athlete will be covered provided the student-athlete is injured during the academic year while participating in voluntary physical activities that will prepare the student-athlete for competition.

Filing a Claim:
Our insurance policy requires that as an injured student-athlete that you make an initial claim with your primary insurance. When you are seen by a provider within our network, we will provide this information to them. If you see someone out of the network, it is your responsibility. The provider will then submit a claim with your insurance company. While waiting for your insurance to pay, the provider will continue to send you bills. Your insurance company will evaluate and either pay or deny the claim and will send you a statement called an EOB (explanation of benefits). It is very important to bring all bills and EOB's to the athletic training department. Our secondary insurance will not be able to act without the EOB and/or bill. Once these are received, the information will be sent to the secondary insurance company for consideration.

For claims and bill processing:

4505 MARYLAND PKWY, BOX 450007
LAS VEGAS, NV 89154-0007
(702)895-4474 fax


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