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UNLV Sports Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a Student-Athlete referred to a physician?
Whenever the Team Physician or Certified Athletic Trainers determines that a medical consultation would enhance the health care of an injury, arrangements will be made for a medical referral. Coaches DO NOT have the authority to refer a student-athlete to any physician except for emergency medical care when the Athletic Training Staff is not available.

Which physicians can a student-athlete utilize under this coverage?
As a student-athlete you are covered under the Athletic Departments secondary insurance policy when you see a physician in the UNLV Sports Medicine Network. This network is comprised of a wide variety of medical specialists from the medical community. The group is dedicated to providing the best possible health care to the UNLV student-athletes. This network was formed to insure accurate and continuous communication between the physicians and the UNLV Athletic Training Staff.

Can a student-athlete see a physician out of the network?
Yes, prior written authorization from one of the UNLV Athletic Training Staff must be obtained if a student-athlete wishes to seek medical attention outside of the network. This authorization will be granted only if our consulting physicians cannot provide the required care. The student-athlete will be responsible for all costs incurred for the out of network care without this authorization.

What if I belong to a HMO or PPO?
If you belong to a HMO or PPO you are limited to the physicians and facilities that you may utilize. We request that you send the UNLV Athletic Training Department specific instructions, requirements, and limitations that may be included in your policy. This information is necessary for claims to be processed and filed correctly.

What if my insurance changes?
It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to keep insurance information up to date with the UNLV Athletic Training Staff. They must be notified immediately of any changes. Failure to do so will result in an inability to process any claims for payment.

What is Not covered under the athletic department secondary insurance policy?

  • Injuries sustained in an activity that is not associated with required intercollegiate practice or competition not supervised by a coach.
  • Pre-existing injury
  • Unauthorized consultations or treatments
  • Injuries sustained after collegiate eligibility has been completed
  • Care of removal of tonsils, appendix, etc.
  • Dental procedures that are not result of athletic related injury. (cleaning, cavities)
  • PE/Intramural/club sports/riding a bike/falling down the stair, etc

What about illness?
Illness coverage will be provided by the athletic department with the following limitations: All illness care must be provided by UNLV team physician All lab tests for illness coverage will be requested by the UNLV team physicians All illness coverage provided by off-campus Physicians, lab tests, x-rays, and other off campus diagnostic testing will be the student-athlete's responsibility. The UNLV Department of Athletics is not responsible for any health care related to any pre-existing illnesses.

Can a Student-Athlete seek a second Opinion?
If a student-athlete seeks a second opinion or care from an out of network provider, he/she will be medically ineligible to participate or utilize the services of the UNLV Athletic Training Department until medical records are obtained and reviewed by our Team Physician. Additionally, UNLV will not assume any financial responsibility for travel, costs, and services generated by the second opinion.

For claims and bill processing:

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LAS VEGAS, NV 89154-0007
(702) 895-3677
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