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UNLV student-athletes have several responsibilities. The Office of NCAA Compliance is here to help ensure that UNLV student-athletes continue to fulfill those responsibilities. Student-athletes should remember that they represent UNLV all of the time, not just on the field of play. Below are forms that have been specifically created to help serve you, the student-athlete.

The Office of NCAA Compliance has created policies and procedures that are designed to protect the integrity of intercollegiate athletics at UNLV. The following are forms that help the Office of NCAA Compliance in monitoring and overseeing the intercollegiate athletic programs at UNLV so that representatives of the athletic department are better able to perform their duties within the bounds of NCAA and MWC rules and regulations.

The Office of NCAA Compliance has done its best to predict all potential issues that might arise in the operation of an intercollegiate athletic department. However, there are still situations that need special attention. Therefore, the Office of NCAA Compliance asks you to peruse and use these forms as needed, but reminds you to "Ask Before You Act." If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact or visit the Compliance Staff.

2010-2011 Student-Athlete Manual 
Student-Athlete Forms
2010-2011 NCAA Banned Substances 

NCAA Bylaw 10 - Ethical Conduct
Ethical Conduct Agreement 
Gambling Agreement 

NCAA Bylaw 11 - Conduct and Employment of Athletics Personnel
Confidentiality Agreement 

NCAA Bylaw 12 - Amateurism
Fee-for-Lesson Compensation Agreement 
Fee-for-Lesson Verification Form 

NCAA Bylaw 13 - Recruiting
Recruiting Host Agreement 

NCAA Bylaw 14 - Eligibility: Academic and General Requirements
Affidavit Regarding Equipment Use for Outside Competition 
Outside Competition Agreement 

NCAA Bylaw 15 - Financial Aid
Student-Athlete Employment Agreement 
Student-Athlete Employer Verification Form 
Student-Athlete Employment Approval Form 
Student-Athlete Voluntary Withdrawal Statement 
Application for International Student-Athlete Special Assistance Fund 

NCAA Bylaw 16 - Awards, Benefits and Expenses for Enrolled Student-Athletes
Student-Athlete Automobile Registration 
Student-Athlete Lodging Registration 
Waiver to Travel Separate from Team 
Telephone and Credit Card Policy Agreement 
NCAA Pass Gate Policy Agreement 

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