Student-Athlete Forms

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Forms on Orgsync:

  • Prospective Student-Athlete Automobile & Lodging Verification
  • Prospective Student-Athlete Liability Waiver Form
  • Student-Athlete Automobile & Lodging Form
  • Student-Athlete Manual
  • Student-Athlete On & Off Campus Employment Approval
  • Student-Athlete Outside Participation Approval
  • Student-Athlete Summer Basketball League Request
Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Orgsync?
Orgsync is an online portal for student-athletes to gain access to important information. Student-athletes must be a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee in order to see all the information. See how to make my orgsync above for more information.

Why do I need to access Orgsync?
Having a login to orgsync is a requirement for all student-athletes. Once the student-athlete becomes a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee they will gain access to all the compliance forms. Additionally, the required manual, automobile, and lodging forms are also available under forms and are required to be completed prior to returning to UNLV.

Will the Compliance staff use Orgsync to communicate with me?
Yes, Orgsync is a great way for the compliance staff to communicate with all student-athletes. We suggest for all student-athletes to change the notification settings under my account. The first two options under general will either allow you to receive text messages or have message forwarded to your personal e-mail account. The compliance office will only send e-mail notifications or text messages to approve or deny a form you submitted and to remind you of required information.

What if I forget my password?
If you forget your password please click the login link above and follow the instructions provided by the website to receive your new password.


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