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Nov. 26, 2010

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Post-game Quotes
UNLV 69, Murray State 55

UNLV Head Coach Lon Kruger - Another good battle. Our guys did a really good job in the second half developed a little bit of a margin and played with that most of the game. The intensity and effort was really good. A lot of different guys making good plays for each other. And defensively, kept the pressure on in a pretty good way all night. Little bit of a better job staying out of foul trouble in the first half. Really the first time we've done that with the big guys, especially with Quintrell. Chase and Quintrell really doing a nice job of stepping up and making some shots and Quintrell getting some big rebounds late. It's great to see him (Quintrell) on the floor late because he's not in foul trouble, is nice. A lot of good things, a lot of things we got to clean up, but you expect that after four or five games."

In preparing for tonight's game - "We went into tonight's ball game doing what we do every night and make them adjust to us. Of course, they went in trying to do the same thing. In talking to our guys, if we felt like from keeping them in getting comfortable on the half court and doing the things they wanted to and that would be our objective. Generally, we did a pretty good job at that being disruptive and causing some havoc and turning that into offense at the other end."

On Sunday's championship game against Virginia Tech - "I saw them play yesterday. Athletic, long, talented, they're well prepared. We know how tough it's going to be. They're a ball club with a lot of good players with a lot of success and seem to be playing well."

Guard/Forward Chace Stanback - Thoughts on teammate Quintrell Thomas performance - "We just needed him to play big in the paint. Tonight he did a great job, staying out of foul trouble and we expect them from him. He's going to continue to get better."



Forward Quintrell Thomas - On being able to stay in the game longer and coming back after a year - "My teammates have given a lot of advice on how to stay out of foul trouble. I guess just playing a little more helps you understand how the officiating is. I feel more comfortable. In the beginning I felt like that I was out of sync with my teammates. Like I'm fitting in a little better."

Guard Anthony Marshall - On the pressure defense from Murray State - "They had to play a fast pace too. I don't think they've seen our defensive pressure. We take pride in our depth. We have a lot of changeable guys. You know when you have someone come in that they're going to keep up the tempo. You just try to go out there and work hard as a team."

Murray State Coach Bobby Kennedy - "We played a really good team. Probably the best team we've played the whole year. You have to give them a lot of credit. They set the tone defensively. We didn't handle it the 1st half, and it was catch-up the whole game. We cut it to seven, and we had some opportunities offensively, but we didn't execute offensively, we didn't get a couple of breaks, we played hard defensively. We just couldn't guard them."

on their defense - "Against the best offensive team we played, it wasn't good enough. At best we should've been five to seven points down. Instead we were down 12, 13, cut it down to 10, cut it to as low as seven, but we weren't able to sustain our defensive effort. They shot extremely well. They made some three's near the end of the [shot] clock, and those plays hurt you."

on their turnovers - "Well, the biggest thing, we were in foul trouble. We had to play Isaiah [Canaan] a lot of minutes. He didn't handle the pressure at all. He had four turnovers in the first half. He had some other guys on the floor who were young. We had foul trouble in the first half, and that led to a lot of turnovers."

on talent level of UNLV - "They're really good. They have four division one transfers from UCLA, Kansas, Kentucky and Memphis. That's a final four. They're pretty talented."

on their next opponent Oklahoma State - "Oklahoma State is very physical. Changing defenses could be a problem. Their size inside, their Moses kid is a man-child, we'll have to do a good job guarding him."

on motivation for their next game - "We'll get better, the day off will help. We're beat up physically, but we'll heal up, and we'll get better and we'll be ready to play."

Murray State guard Isaac Miles - on game - "It was all right. UNLV is a good team. We're a good team; however, we didn't play as well as we could've played. I give them a lot of credit. They just outplayed us. They made all the shots they needed to make, and they didn't hurt themselves. When they do that and shoot 60%, it's pretty hard to win.

on turnovers - "They pressured us, made us push the ball up. As a guard, we need to take care of the ball more, and we just can't give it to them. I felt like we just gave it to them in the end. Some of it was unforced on our behalf."

on defense - "It was okay, however, when they shoot 60%, that's no defense at all. We're used to giving up 30-40%, however, when you give up 60%, it's going to be tough."

on next opponent Oklahoma State - "We just got to come out for forty minutes and except to win. We still have time to improve. We just got to play better and stick together. Our whole team has to keep the same mindset and same focus. We expect to play physical. Watching them play Virginia Tech, they're a good team."

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