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UNLV Selection Sunday Quotes

March 14, 2010


On UNLV being selected as an at-large team to the NCAA Tournament:
"I am really excited and pleased for our guys. They worked extremely hard, made progress from start to finish, and not everyone realizes how hard it is to earn an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament. These guys are very deserving and they will work hard preparing during the next couple of days."

"We are thrilled to be in. When you look at all the storied programs that aren't in, again, people sometimes just assume getting into the NCAA Tournament is pretty easy to do and it's not. You have to work all year, really concentrate and make progress - and in a way, you can't stop and celebrate. And even now, you can't stop and celebrate."

"Eight-nine games, as I've said, are expected to be toss-up games, and we will work awfully hard. Of course, the winner of all eight-nine games is more than likely going to play a one, but all eight-nines right now want to do that."

On first-round opponent Northern Iowa:
"Northern Iowa is a very good club. They are really solid. I have seen them play a couple of times. They won both the Missouri Valley regular season and tournament championship and are very well coached. It will be a big challenge, as all eight-nine games are expected to be."

"They are a club that generally controls pace a little bit, a real solid man-to-man team. They are very well coached with a big guy in the middle and very good shooters on the perimeter. Anyone who wins both the regular season and the tournament in the Missouri Valley is very good."

On the Mountain West Conference having four teams in the NCAA Tournament:
"Four teams from the league is great. It is a big step for our conference and obviously I feel like four were very deserving and all four have the opportunity to represent well. We will be cheering for the other three as well."

"It is always important when you get the opportunity to play in the NCAA Tournament to try and win games from a national creditability standpoint. I think we got better seeds this year, certainly the three for New Mexico is better than we've ever had and that's great. As it relates to national creditability, winning NCAA Tournament games is the best thing you can do."




Overall reaction on UNLV being selected for the NCAA Tournament:
"Right now it feels good. Last year was a disappointment, but this group has been good and we have concentrated on getting better as a team every day and glad to see that our hard work has paid off."

"To be on the national stage, I can't wait to get out there on the floor and show the world what this team is about. I am definitely going to do my role, we have a couple days to prepare and I am excited. You can see the look in the guys' eyes and faces, and you can tell that we are ready to try and make some special things happen."


Overall reaction on UNLV being selected for the NCAA Tournament:
"It was definitely a great feeling seeing our name put up there early - didn't have to wait that long - and we are just looking forward to it now."

On the Mountain West Conference having four teams in the NCAA Tournament:
"It shows the talent that this conference has and we are very fortunate to have four teams go. I am sure each and every team is looking forward to it."


Overall reaction on UNLV being selected for the NCAA Tournament:
"We are fortunate to be in the tournament and we have to focus on our next game, prepare ourselves and be ready."

"I was real nervous, because you hear different things, like we are going to be seeded eight, seven, 11, we don't know. It was real quick, though, it came by really quick and it was very exciting."


Overall reaction on UNLV being selected for the NCAA Tournament:
"Last year I was sitting at home watching the tournament on TV and to actually be in this seat and look at the big screen and see our name is exciting and something to look forward to."

On first-round opponent Northern Iowa:
"I got a chance to watch them a couple times and they are a very well coached ball club and very disciplined, and they just get after it. They control the pace of the game."

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