Postgame Quotes - UNLV vs. Nevada, Reno

Sept. 27, 2008

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Quotes from UNR vs. UNLV Game 9/27/08

UNLV Coach Mike Sanford

"Overall, I think the way I see this, it is a team loss. This is on all of us in this thing together. It's everybody in the football program's loss. It's not one side of ball, it's all of us. There is not going to be blaming of any particular area, this is a team loss."

"I've got to give them credit. I thought they played very well. Obviously they ran the ball well. I've got to give Colin Kaepernick credit, obviously a tremendous game. They had a lot of yards rushing and obviously we did not do a good job defending the option."

Why did UNR get 444 yards rushing?

"We did not defend the option well. It's a very specific type of offense that they run and we worked on it all week and we did not defend it well."

"We worked hard to make adjustments; obviously the adjustments we made were not enough. But we made a lot of different adjustments."

How do you respond after this loss?

"One of the things we just talked about is we got to give this team credit tonight they did a good job, we did not play well. We are a better football that what we played tonight. We got to correct the things we did not do well. We've got a conference game next week, obviously this is a big game but there is a lot of football ahead of us."

"Ryan Wolfe played a great football game. I think his play is overshadowed by a very disappointing loss. But I think Ryan Wolfe is a great player and played very well. I think our football team can play a lot better than they did tonight."

"I think the big thing is we got to learn from it and correct the mistakes. Then we have got to move on and have a great plan against Colorado State."

"There is a lot of football to be played, we have seven more games. We have four more home games and there is a lot of football to be played. Next weekend is obviously very important."



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