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Football Signing Day Quotes

Feb. 2, 2011

Feb. 2, 2011

"Seems like just yesterday we were doing this for the first time. It's been fun. This was a good day. Big day for Rebel Football."

"We have some big, tough, athletic guys that we signed. These guys, along with last year's class, can really help us get this thing going."

"It's freshman-oriented like it was a year ago. We did take a few more junior college players this year because our junior class has eight or nine it and frankly, we needed to balance those classes out. We're still committed for the most part to taking high school kids. Like I said a year ago -- day one -- that we want to base it on high school recruiting but we're not afraid to take a couple of junior college players to supplement it."

"The other thing you'll notice is that a year ago we took eight kids from the state of Nevada and this year we took one. There were a couple things that played into that. One was that according to our evaluation, and I think that if you look at the people that signed in upper-level division one football, that there weren't a lot of them this year. You can look at that we only took one kid or you can look at it like we took nine the last two years. We certainly want to get kids out of the state of Nevada to come here. The other thing is that we want to be their first choice. We are not going to be a fall back for guys. We want guys chomping at the bit to come to UNLV because this is a great institution, it's a great town, and one of these days it's going to be a really good football program. And that's where we're heading."

"I'm excited about it. I'm not having to manufacture enthusiasm today. We had a great year recruiting. Our assistant coaches are strong recruiters. They did a great job. Everywhere from Alaska to Samoa to the guys locally, they worked their tails off."



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