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Signing Day News Conference Opening Comments

Coach Hauck unveiled his fourth class as a Rebel.

UNLV Football Head Coach Bobby Hauck

Signing Day News Conference Opening Comments

(Feb. 6, 2013)

I like this class. It's a great job by Jimmy Morimoto our recruiting coordinator and our assistant coaches and a good job by our players. Recruiting is everyone's job and everyone was all in. I think the guys did a nice job.

The kids in this class really became believers in the process. They believe in what we're trying to accomplish here and I think a lot of that comes from our player hosts on our team that really make the difference on the official visit weekends. They are all believers of what they have going on within the football team.

I'm fired up about the class, as I should be. If I wasn't I probably wouldn't tell you, but I am honestly ecstatic about these guys. It was a small class. It made it somewhat more difficult than a bigger class to put together because we were somewhat restricted on how hard we could go on guys and the offers but it came together very well.

I think we got a good blend of high school and junior college kids. We took a few JC guys this year to shore up some deficiencies in our depth. Frankly, we did that because we feel it's time to quit playing so many freshmen and sophomores and it will be nice to have a few seniors and a lot of juniors on our two-deep next year.

We signed two local guys from the Las Vegas Valley. We're going to keep pounding the area. We're going to keep going after it. I believe we offered every kid in town that signed a Division One scholarship with the exception of three. We went hard after the Division-One level football players in town and the two we signed we are ecstatic about. We think they're great guys. We're going to continue to try to convince the kids in Las Vegas that this is a great place to stay and be a college football player in your hometown.

I think that this is a quality group of young men. I really do believe our evaluation process is sound. We give them an academic grade, a football grade and a character grade and try to quantify that as best we can and consequently we have good people in our locker room. We're welcoming some good families into our extended family today.



Good class. Good, solid bunch of guys. When you get to know these guys you will like them.
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