UNLV head coach Mike Sanford - Media Luncheon Quotes

On starting QB Omar Clayton's confidence following Saturday's win:
He is very confident and he feels like he can really run this offense. The fact he played a game and had three touchdown passes and no turnovers are all real plusses. His challenge now is to keep doing that.

On the debut of freshman WR Phillip Payne, who had four catches, including a TD:
That was really good for him. It was a great confidence builder for him and obviously it is great for our offense to have another guy who can really play.

On Opening Mountain West Conference play on the road at Utah:
We are going into a hostile environment. In our conference that is one of the most hostile environments to go into. That is one of things I liked when I coached there.

On whether or not last year's game against Utah has any bearing on this year's game:
It is a new year and we are a different team and Utah is a different team. Last year doesn't mean anything. We are playing in Salt Lake and I think it is a new, different, thing.

On Utah quarterback Brian Johnson:
Brian's strength I think is his decision making throwing the ball. He gets rid of the ball fast, he is accurate and he did a great job against Michigan.

On what Utah's win over Michigan means for the conference:
I think it is like a lot of wins outside the conference against non-conference opponents. I think it shows what a great conference the Mountain West is and I think we deserve to be considered for the BCS on an equal plane with, for example, the Big East.

On how hard it is for a team to go undefeated in conference play:
I think that in general, in the conference, you do know your conference opponents better than teams outside the conference. I think another part of that is that it is hard, week in and week out, to be at your absolute maximum best. There is a natural ebb and flow of emotion during the season, and you either have to be a really good team or you have to have really good timing of when you face some one to go undefeated.



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