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UNLV Post Game Quotes

Oct. 13, 2012

UNLV Post Game Quotes

UNLV Head Coach Bobby Hauck Opening Statement:

"Congratulations to Reno, they did a great job of fighting back and getting the win. I feel sick for our kids, especially our seniors, and our fans too. We had a good plan today and we came out and didn't execute well enough in the second half. We came close but no cigar. I think we have closed the gap on them, but obviously not enough to get the win. Obviously bitterly disappointed and the result is accurate."

On the difference between the first and second half:

"We needed to stop them; we didn't have enough plays to be honest. In the second half we needed to generate some first downs and make some more opportunities. A lot of what we were doing in the second half were run pass checks. It was based on what they gave us. They did a nice job disguising some things."

"It's pretty simple really, there were two really big plays in the game that I thought were critical obviously. The post-up that their kid went up and got in the second quarter to give them their second touchdown and obviously the pass-interference call on the interception was a critical and game changing call. We needed to stop them and we didn't. We didn't generate enough first downs."

On comparing the game to other close home games:

"This is a rivalry game. When you don't win a rivalry game it's awful. We have to find a way to fight our way back."

On the team possibly being worn out in the second half:

"That's a good question. I'll probably have to watch the film. We didn't appear to be tired or gassed. They run the ball well, 64 times today. We didn't hold up very well in the second half."

On if the team took a conscious effort looking at the clock:

"What's funny is that at halftime I said, `Nobody looks at the score board, nobody looks at the clock.' For us, with a lead like that, you don't want to go back and make it a throwing game, and go 3-and-out and only take 22 seconds off the clock, then you have to run it some. As I said, we didn't have enough plays; you have to generate some first downs so you can take some shots.



On the offensive line:

"They played well in the first half, and the second half wasn't as good. They were a little banged up, and I think that took its toll a little bit. They were really sharp and pretty fierce in the first half. Again O-line play is better evaluated off the film than the sideline, but they were gimping around a bit in the second half.

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