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Nevada, Reno Post Game Quotes

Oct. 13, 2012

Nevada, Reno Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Chris Ault Opening Statement:

“It was a great game. They (UNLV) played terrific. We knew they would. I thought our guys – that second half – defensively shut them down. Offense was a matter of not hurting ourselves and doing what we had to do. I thought Devin Combs, really the whole game, played really good except for that one fumble, but, other than that, I thought he read their defense pretty well. I’m awfully proud of these kids. That was a hard win, and it was an exciting game.”

On second-half adjustments:

“We did a little bit of talking in that locker room, first of all. Then the defensive coaches gathered them together and talked about playing base football. They (UNLV) did nothing that we didn’t expect; they just did it very well the first half. We didn’t play with any emotion, no energy. I don’t know why. In a game like this, you play with energy when you get off the bus. We didn’t and we did in the second half, and that was the difference maker.”

On not panicking when UNR was down 21-0:

“We weren’t panicked, just more upset with just the way we were playing. We told them coming down, ‘Hey … this is our game.’ I’ve seen their head coach wear a football uniform out here. I’ve seen them (team) in black jerseys. I’ve seen them in all red. I’ve seen them in everything. I said, ‘They’ll do something.’ And sure enough, they come out in gray and it’s a neat deal. That’s exciting stuff! That’s what’s good about this game. Let me tell you something, they played well.”

On quarterback Devin Combs play:

“Devin played very well. Again, that fumble was devastating. You get the endzone then. We’re not ahead, but we’ve really got that momentum, and he’s in the groove. And, of course, he fumbled last week. Same thing; he tried to take on somebody and you can’t do that. You know, I’ll probably move him to linebacker next week.”



On starting Devin Combs today:

“Cody (Fajardo) couldn’t run. Not the way he’s got to run. I told Cody to be ready. I may throw you in there for some passes. But our guy has got to run, our quarterback has going to run the football. We expect him back next week, and we’ll have some fun.”

On the difference in Stefphon Jefferson’s running from the first to second half: “He read the holes much better. Our offense is a read offense; quarterback and running backs. He did a real nice job of pressing the line and making his cuts. It really became a time saver for us, and gave us the chance to pull Devin back and do out option game with him.”

On UNLV’s red Fremont cannon logo on its helmets:

“Let me tell you something, that cannon ain’t red. It’s blue and silver.”

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