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New Mexico Post Game Quotes

Nov. 3, 2012

New Mexico Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Bob Davie

On it being hard to believe New Mexico only scored seven points …

“We got whipped. We can look at the stats all we want, but they (UNLV) whipped us. I guess it’s life with a freshman quarterback (Cole Gautsche); some of the things that happened. Again, we are pretty thin in the secondary, and some things happen where you just say, ‘that didn’t just happen did it?’” Overall, that has nothing to do with the outcome. They whipped us. I give them a lot of credit. They’re a little bit bigger than us. They’re a little bit faster than us. And a little bit stronger than us. But they outcoached us too. They outcoached us. They had some plays, giant chunks of yardage. I’m thinking back to the ball at the 3-yard line. We had them backed up the very first play and we let the ball outside for about a 60-yard run. The very next play, we turn a guy loose in man coverage and they get about a 30-yard chunk. I think about the third down and five and we give up about a 75-yard touchdown pass. I think about the run here at the end (Bradley Randle’s touchdown). I appreciate the players’ effort. It’s my responsibility. Those things shouldn’t happen. No way am I using any excuse that we were thin or we were this or we were that, and that’s the reality of it.”

On going 7-for-15 on third down …

“We moved the ball a little bit, but we should move the ball a little bit. We had back-to-back plays where the quarterback just flat went the wrong way and I think the ball was on the two-yard line. The very next play he let the clock run down to zero – the 25-second clock. A little bit later he threw the ball into the hands of the opponent. We had a lot of opportunities. We had some opportunities on offense. We didn’t execute. We didn’t execute. We didn’t sustain our blocks. In the second half, we blocked a little bit better on the perimeter than we did in the first half. But honestly, the biggest disappointment coming in was that we felt like we would have a chance to run the ball up in there a little bit more. Just make some dives, and they took that away. They took the dive away. I give them credit that they made us put the ball on the perimeter. We made some plays. We were a little better in the second half, but not enough. So, I give them credit. I haven’t watched them before in person, but I think they’re a good looking football team heading in the right direction, and we’re going to have to catch them. We’re going to have to catch them.”



On UNLV’s hitting …

“They hit us everywhere. It wasn’t just Cole. They were physical. You know, they played hard and they were physical. I’m not sure that we responded as well as I thought we would respond. Not from an effort standpoint. We’re going to get together tomorrow as a coaching staff and look at everything from A to Z. We’re kind of at a crossroads now; the second half of the Fresno game – granted Fresno is a talented team – but we caved in. I didn’t think we responded today. I didn’t think we played very good today. We’ve got to look from A to Z right now, as to what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and who we’re doing it with. So, we have three games left, and starting with me, we’re going to look in the mirror and see exactly what we’re doing right now. We can do better than we did today.”

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