Bobby Hauck Introductory Media Conference

Dec. 23, 2009

“Last week we hired a new athletics director and you need to know this guy has hit the ground running. He hasn’t been home since the announcement, so pretty soon we’ll be sending him home. He had been busy screening candidates and working hard to make sure that we can bring in someone terrific. Jim Livengood has really done wonders in a very short period of time. You all know that he had as his goal bringing in a football coach prior to Christmas. We’ve accomplished that mission, and I want you to go ahead now and please greet Jim Livengood, our new AD, who will be introducing our new football coach.”

Neal, thank you very much and what a great day, what a great day for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, what a great day for Rebel football.  I’ve been here six days -- and maybe four or five hours, and I hope that turns into a very long time, but one of the things that makes today so special is that we have the chance to have a historic occasion at UNLV in terms of this announcement. In the six days that I’ve been here, what I’ve found and what Bobby and Stacy will find, is that it’s an incredible community. It’s an amazing community that people care, and that you care, and that’s why we have this excitement here now. This job has been open for about three and a half weeks. I think it would be a mistake and I would be remiss if I didn’t give Jerry Koloskie a tremendous amount of credit of what he did in terms of as an interim AD and heading up this search. He did a phenomenal job of bringing together a great number of candidates, all of whom, as it finally ended up, are great candidates in many ways. Jerry is very special to this university, he’s been very special to this process, and right now I hope he’s spending at least a tiny bit of time on the beach in Hawaii with our men’s basketball team.

In addition, what we found out during the process and as Jerry and I became more involved six days ago, what we found out is that this is a great job. Not a good job, but a great job. It’s a great job because of the university, it’s a great job because of Las Vegas, and it’s a great job because of all of you. But let me tell you a little bit about the person we settled on. Right now, you’re going to find out and know a little more about Bobby Hauck and find out why I’m excited, why our president is excited, and why all of you I think are going to be excited.

Bobby Hauck has a tremendous record as a football coach, as a recruiter, and all of those kinds of things, but as I started visiting with people around the country and friends and people he’s worked for and with, what I found out over and over is that there is a lot more to him that makes him tick. What I found out when his name came up, and this happened all pretty rapidly because nobody assumes things, and as you know I only got here six days ago. But everybody talked about motivation, enthusiasm. They talked about he knows the game, they talked about relentless recruiter, they talked about he cares about players, he cares about people, great family, great ethics, great values system. If you combine all of those, that’s exactly what this university needs in its head football coach. There’s no question about it. I would add one more very simple thing, and again I would direct it towards Stacy as she could tell us better then anyone, and its that he was born to coach, and born to compete. I think that’s something we need at this university in this particular role. The person who wins the press conference, and that will be Bobby, isn’t necessary the most important thing what this is about, it’s about the person that’s going to win on the field and off the field with our young student-athletics. And that’s exactly what he is about, and that’s exactly what he is going to do.

Would you please help me welcome the new football coach at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Bobby Hauck, and his head assistant coach, his wife Stacy.


Thanks to James Dean (Leavitt) and the regents and Neal and Jim for bringing us aboard. Stacy and I are extremely excited. It’s great to see everybody, all of you in the back of the room, Randall (Cunningham) and the former players, everybody. I just can’t tell you how excited that we are to be here. We’re thrilled to join the community of Las Vegas. We’ve been here enough times for work and for play, to understand this is a great town and not just for what happens on the Strip, but for all the people that live here and work here and are part of the UNLV family, and we are very pleased to jump in with both feet and immerse ourselves in that community, and it’s going to be fun. We’re excited about it, we’re fun-loving people, and we’re very competitive, and we’re anxious to build on the foundation that Mike (Sanford) and his staff have worked on to build here the last five years in their time here. We hope to utilize all their efforts, Mike Sanford’s group’s efforts, to springboard us into some great things starting with next fall. I’m really enamored with the place -- once I was more able to delve into what was going on here. I really believe that UNLV and its football program have a bright future, and I’m going to be enthused about being the figurehead that gets the chance to lead that program.

With that being said, I can’t wait to get going to work. I know Christmas is coming, tomorrow night I’m going to spend a little time and on Christmas Day with my children. I have four of those and I haven’t seen much of them since August, so we’re going to get a couple of days of family time the next three days, and then we’re going to get to work building this program. We’re working on assembling a coaching staff, obviously we’re fortunate at this juncture to be in a dead period in recruiting and we’re going to be able to get everything organized and get us going in the right direction with Sara Swanson’s help. She’ll get me going the right way and Terry Cottle will get us going and once January hits we’re going to get this thing done, and we’ll come up for air the first Wednesday in February on Signing Day and hopefully all of you in the back will be anxious to hear the class that we put together.

I’m appreciative of this opportunity, I’m humbled by the number of people here to listen to these remarks, and I’m excited to be the head football coach at UNLV, and we’re going to make good things happen here. I promise you that we will not be lacking in effort, we’ll go to the ends of the earth to find a player, we’ll spend every waking hour getting ready to go play and you’ll like what you see. I think the first order of business for us, aside from the recruiting, is to generate some enthusiasm for UNLV football, both in the community and on our football team. I’m going to go out and see as many people as I can in the next five and six months and try to generate some of that enthusiasm, but really what it comes down to is there is going to be enthusiasm. I think people here are hungry for us to have a football team that plays well and wins some games, and basically enthusiasm will be generated if we’re worth watching and can get a few wins, and we’re going to be that. We’ll be a physical football team, we’re going to pay attention to details, we’re going to do things right, the core tendencies of this program are going to be hard work and work ethic, mental and physical toughness and discipline. We’re going to start there, and I believe all the other things will come with that. It’s great to be here, I’m excited.



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