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New Campaign For All Sports Launched

Sept. 1, 2010

Click here to watch the first video spot for the campaign

Click here to see some of the still images shot for the campaign

There's a new phrase in Las Vegas. And it's catching on quickly.

"Get Your Reb On."

What was first designed as UNLV Athletics' marketing campaign for all of its sports programs this year is already starting to grow into something more.

"It definitely has a life of its own," said UNLV men's basketball head coach Lon Kruger. "Our fans and players are going to have some fun with it."

So what does "Get Your Reb On" mean? It means quite simply finding a way to represent being a UNLV Rebel fan. And with that in mind, the possibilities are unlimited.

Much of the campaign centers around the mustache of Hey Reb!, UNLV's beloved mascot who symbolizes a trailblazer from the old West. The inspiration for the mascot was historical Nevada frontiersmen from the 1800s such as John C. Fremont and Kit Carson.

In the new marketing campaign, UNLV student-athletes, coaches and supporters are shown sporting white, handle-bar mustaches like Hey Reb!. And while UNLV fans are already inquiring about where to obtain their "Get Your Reb On" mustaches, getting your Reb on is not limited to just sporting the stache.

"This is about showing your Rebel pride and telling others you are a Rebel fan," said UNLV Athletics Director Jim Livengood. "Wear Rebel apparel and wear it often. Go to games. Be passionate. Tell others about being a Rebel. We are working hard to build something that our fans can be proud of and can embrace. This is about more than sports - it's about community."

UNLV women's basketball head coach Kathy Olivier said she sees "Get Your Reb On" as a message for her players as well.

"It's an attitude for our players on the court," Olivier said. "To know we represent something bigger and to take pride in that. When we tell our team to `Get Your Reb On,' it's going to mean something to them. It's a statement to be proud of."

And the best part is you don't have to be a UNLV student-athlete or a coach to be a part of the evolution of UNLV Athletics. All of its fans get to play a role as well.

Get Your Reb On. It's that simple.



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