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Keeping Up With Diamond

July 2, 2014


Every week this summer, we will hear from a different Lady Rebel as she catches up readers with an account of how their summer is going, an update on their workouts and their goal for the upcoming season. This first installment is provided by sophomore forward Diamond Major.

Wednesday, July 2

Hello everyone, my name is Diamond Major and I am entering into my sophomore year as a UNLV LADY REBEL!!! WOO HOO! My freshman year was amazing, I met a lot of new people and experience life as a young adult. Even though I am from Las Vegas, being at UNLV made me feel as if I was in a different place. Last season, I played in a few games and the atmosphere was great. It was different than playing in high school and a lot more intense. Now that I have all of my jitter bugs out as a freshman, I can start my summer and the transition into being a sophomore.

To start off my summer, I attended my teammate Aley Rhode’s graduation. Yes, she graduated and I am beyond proud of her. Her family came down and cooked some BBQ (that was delicious) and we went swimming. Alexis also came to the BBQ and pool. I was so happy for Aley and I am glad to call her my teammate and a big CONGRATS on graduating.

About a month ago, I moved into my first apartment with a good friend of mine. I moved in with Alexis, not only is she the BEST, MOST AMAZING, AWESOME, team manager, she is also a great friend. I feel like such an adult now that I am on my own and paying bills. I know my parents are proud of me. I went from sharing a bathroom with a suitemate to having my own room and bathroom! I am loving it!! Another great thing about living with Alexis is that she is always willing to help me out in the gym when I ask. That is a huge plus because summer is the time to improve my game and skillset and it makes it easier when I have someone to motivate me.

Shortly after settling into my new apartment life, I had to take a mini vacation to California. This picture is of me at wonderful Huntington Beach. However, I am wearing a jacket because it was windy and cold that day, yikes, maybe not a good time to go to the beach. But, while I was in California I also visited my grandparents in LA for a couple of hours, did a little bit of shopping, and just relaxed for a few days. Though this was mini vacation was nice, I had to get back to Vegas and get my mind right again.

This past week was CAMP WEEK!!!! The busiest week of my whole summer. Last year I volunteered for Day Camp and I had so much fun doing it! This year I got my own team and it was even better than last year. Not only is it super fun, but it gets me pumped for the upcoming season. The four day day camp is the greatest because it is always fun seeing the little kids having a blast, but still learning about the game. Each and every day they get better at something and that is what camp is all about. Elite camp was next and though it is only one day the girls come ready to compete and show their skills. That is when I was able to bring my coaching skills out and teach them a thing or two. Last was team camp, and I was an actual camper in this camp when I was in high school, however, I have not been one as a UNLV LADY REBEL.

It is only June and I have 2 more months left of summer, so I will continue to work on my game and have some fun as well. I am excited to see what next season will be like and I hope that you are too!! GO REBELS!


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