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Keeping Up With Amie

July 9, 2013


Every Tuesday this summer, we will hear from a different Lady Rebel as she catches up readers with an account of how their summer is going, an update on their workouts and their goal for the upcoming season. This sixth installment is provided by sophomore center Amie Callaway.

Tuesday, July 2

I’ve had an amazing and very eventful summer so far. After finals I drove home to San Diego to enjoy the first half of summer with some of my family. While reconnecting with old high school classmates and teammates, I also had a series of intense workouts with a trainer named Mike. Mike is all about highly effective workouts, so he had me on the vertimax machine every other day, while intertwining weight workouts as well.


I also got to see my best friend graduate high school, which was a very proud day for me.

Another huge highlight of my summer was a two-week trip to Germany. Before I even started my trip, I ran into my “big brother” from high school, Jeremy Tyler, at the LA airport, which was a pleasant surprise.

My mom is a very well known knit designer and was requested to do knitting seminars all throughout Germany so I tagged along. She’s also from Germany so this was my 7th trip there. I went all over country, traveling to a number of towns and cities. I visited my uncle in Berlin, my great uncle and cousins in Fuerth, and my aunt and cousin in Cologne.

Being that German hotels aren’t like American ones, I had to find alternate ways to get in exercise. One great thing about Germans is that everyone lives on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. So I got a lot of my “weight room” workouts from carrying four 40-50 pound bags up stairs almost every day. I also went on bike rides, took long walks with family, and the hardest of all, walked up 532 steps at the historical Cologne Cathedral.

Two days after I got back, I had the pleasure of attending the Beyoncé concert at the MGM Grand with a friend from high school. It was hands down one of the best concerts of my life. Beyoncé is my favorite music artist and it was an amazing experience.

The Beyoncé concert was an early birthday present. After a year of college and endless consent forms, I finally turned 18 on July 1st. A close friend took me out to the Hash House for lunch and then to the movies to watch The Heat. The next day my best friend also took me out to lunch and the movies to watch This Is The End.

For July 4th, I spent the day with a close friend, an old high school teammate and an old basketball manager, who all happen to be cousins and some of my closest friends. We hung out, watched movies, ate BBQ and finished off the night with some great fireworks.

We all decided that we couldn’t get enough of each other so the next day we continued the festivities with 2 games of midnight bowling. As you can see I’ve got a winner’s mentality in any activity that I do.

I also started painting my own room decorations. So now the only thing left is to move into my new apartment with Danielle, start these summer classes and workouts, and get back to business in Vegas. Go Rebels!

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