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Sandrine In Cameroon, Blog Entry #6

Nzeukou posing with two family members during her trip to her homeland of Cameroon

Sept. 9, 2011

LAS VEGAS ( - This is the sixth in a series of blog entries by senior forward Sandrine Nzeukou during her attempt to make the Cameroon National Team.

Here is also a photo gallery from Nzeukou taking during her three weeks at the training camp.

Sandrine in Cameroon


After a 28 hour trip back to Tucson and a six hour drive, I am finally back in Las Vegas. My trip to Cameroon and the training camp couldn't have ended any better for me. I was informed that I officially made the team! The other girls that made the cut will be traveling to Maputo, Mozambique to compete in the African Games and I will join them in the middle of September for the African Cup of Nations in Mali that takes place at the end of September.



The last week and a half of the camp is where we started to focus on setting up more plays and getting game-ready. In order to do this we played in two scrimmages against a local U18 boy's team. What was definitely apparent was that the physicalness that Coach Fabio wanted us to adopt was absolutely necessary to compete with these boy's as it would be to compete with the other African national teams. These games being the first time we had played against outside competition, there was a lot of things to be improved such as flowing from our plays into our motion offense. We then spent a couple days working on those problems and played the same team again. We had improved a lot within those couple days so hopefully this upward trend continues as they practice and play in the African Games.


I was able to say goodbye to my whole family when my dad organized a family reunion to reward the kids who performed well in the previous school year. A lot of my aunts and uncles showed up but what was really great was that I was able to meet and hang out with a lot of my cousins. Not only does making the team mean that I will be getting to be a part of Cameroon basketball but it gives me more time with my family.

As I look back at my trip, I realize how lucky I was to have an experience like I did. I ate amazing food, spent time with my family, met some new and great people, and I left officially being able to call myself an indomitable lion and a Lady Rebel!


For those that have enjoyed following Nzeukou's blog, check back in September as she will continue to report on her time with the Cameroon national team and their attempt to earn a berth in the 2012 London Olympics.



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