Rebels In The Community
Rebels volunteering at Opportunity Village.
Rebels volunteering at Opportunity Village.

March 31, 2011


This spring the UNLV women's soccer team has continued their tradition of participating in community service events throughout the Las Vegas area. As has been done in the past, each class was responsible for organizing a volunteer event of their choice for the entire team to participate in. 

"This is a wonderful tradition that was started about five years ago, and it is a great way for our team to get involved with the Las Vegas community", said head coach Jen Klein. 

Community service is something that is deeply valued by the UNLV Women's Soccer Program.  The volunteer work we do each spring allows for us as a team to give back to our community that has given us so much" said Klein.  "We take great pride in our community and do our part to make it great and help those in need."

So far this year the team has participated in events with the the Boys and Girls Club and Opportunity Village, and coming next month the Rebels will volunteer with Three Square on April 8.  After each event a student-athlete from each class is also responsible to write a reflection about the event so they can share with others about the great experience they had. 

Below are the reflections from the two volunteer events that the women's soccer team has already participated in.  Their next event will be Friday, April 8th,  when the team heads out to volunteer at Three Square. 

Freshman Class partners up with The Boys and Girls Club
On March 22, 2011, the UNLV Women's Soccer Team met up at the Boys and Girls Club located on Sahara and Lindell to share the joy of soccer with many kids. The team had tons of fun playing soccer with girls and boys as young as 5 and as old as 12.

While some of these kids already knew the basics of soccer and were excited to play the game once again, this was the first time other kids were ever introduced to "the beautiful game." The kids were happy and entertained as they all showed an eagerness to want to get in there, kick the ball, and most of all- score. One of the kids even created a celebration dance for when a goal was scored.

When it was time for the UNLV Women's Soccer Team to leave, many of the kids were worn out, but a few others still wanted to play resulting in a chasing around to gather up all of the team's soccer balls. After receiving a poster the kids made for the team and taking photos, the UNLV Women's Soccer Team left and was very grateful to have the opportunity to spread the love of soccer to young girls and boys.



Kylie Wassell
Freshman, #00

Sophomore Class partners up with Opportunity Village
On Friday March 25th the UNLV Women's soccer team visited Opportunity Village for the second year in a row.  As a team we got to visit the different work areas that Opportunity Village has.  We helped the workers with their jobs and created relationships with the workers around us. There were several that we met the year before and it was great to catch up with them.

After the jobs were finished we brought out soccer balls and the real fun began.  Many of the workers formed circles and began to pass the soccer ball within the circle.  For some of the workers, this was there first experience with a soccer ball.  As a team we felt privileged to bring this new experience to others, that without us many may not have had an opportunity like this. 

As a team we enjoyed going to Opportunity Village to give back to those who are so happy to have their jobs and remind us of why we give back to the community.

Jen Lutjens
Sophomore, #27

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