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Lied Athletic Complex

August 1996 marked a new era in UNLV athletics with the opening of the $8.5 million Lied Athletic Complex, one of the nationís premier on-campus sports facilities.

The Lied, honored with Athletic Management magazineís 1997 Award of Excellence, was exclusively funded by private donations beginning with a cornerstone gift of $4 million from the Lied Foundation Trust, through its trustee Ms. Christina Hixson, in 1993.

The success of the Lied complex is tied to a design that benefited from input from each of the groups utilizing the facility. Coaches, athletic trainers, equipment personnel and other support staff all were involved in the buildingís final design.

A generous $1.5 million gift from Si and Marilyn Redd provided the Lied with a state-of-the-art sports medicine center for preventative and rehabilitative care. This 8,500-square-foot center includes a doctorís office and examination room, a taping room, an aquatic therapy room, two additional therapy and rehabilitation areas and a self-contained drug-testing facility.

The strength and conditioning center features 8,500-square-feet of main floor containing Olympic platforms, free weights, power racks and more than 60 weight stations. Additionally, a 1,200-square-foot balcony offers areas for plyometrics, stretching and aerobics.

The Liedís 10,000-square-foot equipment center provides student-athlete support service featuring laundry, equipment and storage. The new, highly efficient laundry facility comes complete with four commercial washers and six commercial dryers that enable staff to cut what was once a five hour job down to 90 minutes.

The Conrad Hilton Foundation provided funding for the Barron Hilton Auditorium located inside the Lied Athletic Complex. This 328-seat auditorium provides student-athletes with study hall facilities including individual meeting rooms for tutorial support and team meetings. For the first time, all UNLV student-athletes can be assembled at once for NCAA briefings or campus orientations.

Honorary Lettermen with gifts of $100,000 each provided additional funding for the completion of 14 locker rooms and 10,000 square feet of administrative offices, as well as new computers for study hall, sound systems and satellite television for scouting and filming, and a copy center for staff and administration.

In addition, the UNLV Football Foundationís $50,000 gift provided the new football locker room with the necessary customized lockers for student-athletesí larger equipment.

Offering all of its student-athletes the best possible environment to pursue their athletic and academic dreams, the Lied Athletic Complex will help lead UNLV into the next century and beyond.

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